Monday, July 27, 2009

New Definatives of Singapore, flower embroidered in Stamp

These stamps and the miniature sheet were issued by Singapore on 6th May, 2009. These are the new and current definatives of Singapore.

The stamps show the flowers:
The Blue Pea Vine - also commonly known as the Butterfly Pea, is a vine native to tropical and equitorial Asia. A perinial climber with a woody base, it can climb tall grasses and crops. Now it is widely grown as an ornamental plant. The flowers are harvested and are a traditional source of a blue food colour.

The Pigeon Orchid - is the member of the family Orchidaceae. This orchid produces white fragrant flowers with a yellow tinted throat. From the side, the orchid resembles a flying pigeon, and hence, it is also commonly known as The Pigeon Orchid. It is a widely cultivated ornamental and landscape plant.

The Miniature Sheet shows a Pigeon Orchid embroidered in the centre of the stamp. The printing process used in the sheet is Offset Lithography with Embroidery.

Catalogue numbers to be updated at a later date.

1st - Blue Pea Vine - Clitoria Ternatea
1st - Pigeon Orchid - Dendrobium Crumenatum
$5 - Pigeon Orchid - Dendrobium Crumenatum (Miniature Sheet)