Monday, December 28, 2009

National Emblems - Joint Issue - Canada & Thailand

This Miniature sheet was issued on 4th October, 2003 by Canada. This issue was released in a joint cooperation along with Thailand commerating the Bangkok International Philatelic Exhibition held in 2003.

The stamps shows the National Emblems of these countries. The Maple Leaf is the National Emblem of Canada and Cassia Fistula is of Thailand.

2000 - Acer Saccharum - Maple Leaf
2001 - Cassia Fistula - Golden Shower
2001b - Miniature Sheet

This Miniature sheet was issued on 4th October, 2003 by Thailand for the same joint issue above.

2090a - Cassia Fistula
2090b - Maple Leaves
2090c - Miniature Sheet

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peony Flower Festival from Isle Of Man

This sheetlet of 8 stamps was issued by Isle of Man on 10th April, 2009. The stamps represents the Peony Flower.

Isle of Man, participated in the stamp exhibition in Luoyang, China and produced these stamps accordingly. Luoyang is considered as the capital of Peony in the world. Every year an exhibition is held for 30 days displaying a wide variety of the flowers.

Catalogue numbers to be updated at a later date.

10p x 8 - Peony - Paenoia - Sheetlet

Monday, December 21, 2009

Flowers on registered cover from Malaysia

This is a registered cover from a Malaysian state to another. This cover was posted from Kuala Lumpur, Penang to Kota Bharu, Kelatan with a registration done with no. 7695 at Kuala Lumpur.

The cover was posted on the 3rd November, 1966 and was received the next day on 4th November, 1966 at Kelatan.

The stamps affixed are a set of seven different species of Orchids been released on 15th November, 1965 by Malaysia.

67 - 1c - Vanda Hookeriana
68 - 2c - Arundina Graminifolia
69 - 5c - Paphiopedilum Niveum
70 - 6c - Spathoglottis Plicata
71 - 10c - Arachnis Flosaeris
72 - 15c - Rhyncostylis Retusa
73 - 20c - Phalaenopsis Violacea

Friday, December 18, 2009

Redoute's Paintings on Roses from Belgium - Series 1

This set of 2 stamps and a miniature sheet was issued on 25th April, 1988 by Belgium.

These stamps were issued to promote philately and belong to a series of three other issues. the stamps and the sheet are surcharged for the promotion of philately.

The Roses displayed in the stamps are the paintings taken from "Sixty Roses for a Queen",
done by P. J. Redoute (1759-1840).

B1069 - Roses
B1070 - Roses
B1071 - Roses - Miniature Sheet

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flowers in Natural Colours from Indonesia

These stamps were issued on 23rd December, 1957 by Indonesia.

The stamps were issued as Semi-Postals and have surcharges on it added for public welfare.

B104 - Kembodja Flower - Frangipani - Plumeria rubra
B105 - Michelia - Magnolia
B106 - Sunflower - Helianthus Annuus
B107 - Jasmine - Jasminum
B108 - Orchid - Dendrobium Phalaenopsis

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Various Flowers from Congo

This set of 3 stamps were issued by People's Republic of Congo on 28th September, 1961.

The stamps are engraved and were issued for the use for Air Post. These stamps were issued after Congo gained independence on 15th August, 1960.

C2 - 100F - Helicrysum Mechowiam
C3 - 200F - Cogniauxia Podolaena
C4 - 500F - Thesium Tencio

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flowers from Hungary

The Miniature Sheet was issued on 15th September, 1958 by Hungary. The stamps shown on the miniature sheet is a part of the stamps issued on 12th August, 1958. The sheet was issued for the International Philatelic Congress held at Brussels.

The important thing about the sheet is that the stamps printed on it are in different colours. The sheet measures 111x111mm and is printed on unwatermarked, linen-finish paper. Back-ground of stamps, marginal inscriptions and ornaments in green.

This sheet is of a very high catalouge value.

1195 - 20f - Dolomite Flax - Linum Dolomiticum
1196 - 30f - Kitaibelia Vitifolia
1201 - 2.50f - Pinks -Dianthus plumarius
1202 - 3.00f - Dog Roses - Rosa canina
1202a - The Miniature Sheet

Mei Flowers from China

Mei flowers on stamps from China used on registered cover. These 6 stamps were released on the 5th April, 1985 by The People's Republic of China.

Mei flower is botanically known as Prunus mume and commonly called the Chinese plum. The flowers were orginally found in China and later brought to other places in East Asia. The tree flowers only in late winters and in Eastern Asia only.

The cover shows different species of Prunus mume.

1974 - 8f - Green calyx
1975 - 8f - Pendant mei
1976 - 8f - Contorted dragon
1977 - 10f - Cinnabar
1978 - 20f - Versicolor mei
1979 - 80f - Apricot mei