Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flowers from Hungary

The Miniature Sheet was issued on 15th September, 1958 by Hungary. The stamps shown on the miniature sheet is a part of the stamps issued on 12th August, 1958. The sheet was issued for the International Philatelic Congress held at Brussels.

The important thing about the sheet is that the stamps printed on it are in different colours. The sheet measures 111x111mm and is printed on unwatermarked, linen-finish paper. Back-ground of stamps, marginal inscriptions and ornaments in green.

This sheet is of a very high catalouge value.

1195 - 20f - Dolomite Flax - Linum Dolomiticum
1196 - 30f - Kitaibelia Vitifolia
1201 - 2.50f - Pinks -Dianthus plumarius
1202 - 3.00f - Dog Roses - Rosa canina
1202a - The Miniature Sheet

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