Thursday, March 4, 2010

India Travancore-Cochin Postcard showing a Sunflower

This Postcard is from Travancore Cochin State with a value of 4 Pies, circa. 1940's. This postcard was converted from the States use to the use of the INDIAN POSTS & TELEGRAPHS DEPARTMENT after the Native Feudatory States were dissolved into the Indian Constitution.

This postcard was nullified by a rolling cancellation of a design of Sunflowers. This postcard was sent on 11th June, 1971 but returned to the sender, "The Postmaster, Sikar" in Rajasthan, India as the receiver does not exists anymore. The postcard is also registered and has a label with a registered no. 552 from Sikar.

The postcard did not reach the addressee and was tried to deliver 3 times on 13th, 15th & 16th July, 1971 and finally returned back to the sender on 22nd July, 1971.

POSTCARD - Common sunflower - Helianthus annuus