Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mei Flowers from China

Mei flowers on stamps from China used on registered cover. These 6 stamps were released on the 5th April, 1985 by The People's Republic of China.

Mei flower is botanically known as Prunus mume and commonly called the Chinese plum. The flowers were orginally found in China and later brought to other places in East Asia. The tree flowers only in late winters and in Eastern Asia only.

The cover shows different species of Prunus mume.

1974 - 8f - Green calyx
1975 - 8f - Pendant mei
1976 - 8f - Contorted dragon
1977 - 10f - Cinnabar
1978 - 20f - Versicolor mei
1979 - 80f - Apricot mei

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