Monday, August 3, 2009

Flowers on German Stamps of the Third Reich

This series of 9 stamps were issued on 18 November, 1938 from the then Nazi Germany, to support the Winter Welfare program, by making it surcharged.

The stamps depict different locations and flowers in Austria. These stamps have a very high catalog value. The description below gives the details of the locations as well as the flowers.

B123 - Castle of Forchtenstein & Silver Thistle - Carlina Acaulis
B124 - Flexenstrasse & Spring Pasque Flower - Pulsatilla Vernalis
B125 - Zell am See & Auricula - Primula Auricula
B126 - Grossglockner & Edelweiss - Leontopodium Alpinum
B127 - Aggstein Ruins & Cyclamen - Cyclamen Alpinum
B128 - Prince Eugene Monument in Vienna & Dog Rose - Rosa Canina
B129 - Erzberg & Alpine Rose - Rosa Pendulina
B130 - Hall & Alpine Trumpet - Gentiana Acaulis
B131 - Braunau Inn Townscape & Spring Crocus - Crocus Vernus

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    Argentina has many flowers on its stamps...