Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Varieties of Roses from Monaco

This is a booklet pane, containing a set of 12 stamps issued by Monaco on 24th October, 1995. There are 12 different varieties of Roses displayed in the stamps.

This set of stamps depicting roses are in commemoration of the Princess Grace Rose Garden in Monaco, opened in 1984. This garden is famous for its, very large variety of roses. The garden houses a total of some 4,000 rose trees. There are about 150 varieties of rose plants from all over the world. Visitors come to see the special variety of European and American roses. During the blooming season you can smell the fragrance of these flowers.

The stamps were printed by the use of lithography and having a perforation of 13.5. The botanical name for roses is Rosa under the family Rosaceae.

1964 - Rose Grace of Monaco
1965 - Fuschia Lakeland Princess
1966 - Carnation Century of Monte Carlo
1967 - Fuschia Grace
1968 - Rose Princess of Monaco
1969 - Alstroemeria Gracia
1970 - Lily Princess Grace
1971 - Carnation Princess Caroline
1972 - Rose Stephanie of Monaco
1973 - Carnation Prince Albert
1974 - Sweet pea Grace of Monaco
1975 - Gerbera Gracia

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