Friday, February 19, 2010

Various Flowers from St. Pierre & Miquelon

These stamps were issued by St. Pierre & Miquelon on 24th April, 1962. These are two small groups of islands off the southern coast of Newfoundland. Once a French Colony, now a department of France.

The stamps with 25F & 50F values were issued for domestic postage and the stamp with 100F value was issued for the use of Air Post. All of these stamps were printed by engraving method and hence command a very high catalog value.

The lower values, shows different species of orchids and the higher value stamp shows a carnivorous plant known as a Pitcher Plant.

360 - Cypripedium Acaule - Cypripedium - Orchids
361 - Calopogon Pulchellus - Calopogon - Orchids
C24 - Sarracenia Purpurea - Pitcher Plant

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