Friday, May 22, 2009

Blooms from Hong Kong

A registered postally used cover from Hong Kong posted to Bangalore on 6th February, 2009 and received on 12th February, 2009. The miniature sheet issued on 14th March, 2008 shows all the six stamps.

The cover bears a set of 6 stamps on flowers in the back and 2 others on the front. The flowers are painted by hand in a traditional Chinese manner and displayed on a computer-generated background.

Catalogue numbers to be updated at a later date.

$1.40 - Chinese Hibiscus - Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
$1.80 - Tree Cotton - Bombax ceiba
$2.40 - Golden Trumpet - Allamanda cathartica
$2.50 - Azalea - are flowering shrubs making up part of the genus Rhododendron.
$3.00 - Indian Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera
$5.00 - Morning Glory - Ipomoea purpurea

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