Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christmas Flowers from Anguilla

The displayed souviner sheet was issued by Anguilla on 22nd October, 1979. The flowers shown as different types of Poinsettias. These are flowers used in Christmas time for offerings and decorations.

A Mexican legend explains how Poinsettias came to be associated with Christmas.
Apperantly, a child who could not afford a gift to offer to Christ on the Christmas Eve, picked some weeds from the side of a road. The child was told that a humble gift, if given in love, would be acceptable in God's eyes.

When brought into the church, the weeds bloomed into red and green flowers and the congregation felt they had witnessed a Christmas miracle.

367 - Red Poinsettia
368 - Kalanchoe - Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
369 - Cream Poinsettia
370 - White Poinsettia

All the Poinsettias belong to the Euphorbia pulcherrima group.

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