Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Native Flowers from the New Zealand

Flower stamps are the most beautiful and commonwealth countries have issued a number of marvellous stamps with using multicolour printing, stunning designs and quality.

Here is a set of 6 stamps issued by New Zealand on 13th Jan, 1999. Also, there is a souvenir sheet with stamps, 1567 & 1568. The flowers displayed on the stamps are as below, the names mentioned are local and botanical.

cat no: 1563 - Kotukutuku - Fuchsia excorticata
cat no: 1564 - Poroporo - Solanum aviculare
cat no: 1565 - Kowhai - Sophora tetraptera - National Flower of New Zealand
cat no: 1566 - Weeping Broom - Chordospartium stevensonii
cat no: 1567 - Teteaweka - Olearia angustifolia
cat no: 1568 - Southern Rata - Metrosideros umbellata

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