Monday, May 18, 2009

National Flower of Bolivia

This Imperf Miniature Sheet was released by Bolivia on 28th June, 1962. There were 4 stamps issued along with this miniature sheet. The forth stamp has the same design as the second stamp in the sheet, with a value of 10,000b and dark blue in colour.

The Bolivian national flower is in fact a particular variety of Cantuta, the "Kantuta Bicolor" which has red petals, a yellow floral tube and a green calyx, reflecting the colours of the national flag, as shown in the second stamp.

Some of the common names include Magic-flower, Magic-flower-of-the-Incas, Magictree, Sacred-flower-of-the-Incas.

C237 - Cantua buxifolia
C238 - Cantua bicolor - National Flower of Bolivia
C239 - Cantua buxifolia
C239a - Imperf Miniature Sheet (shown)

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